Fairly Unfair

Technology can be so useful these days. It gives us a chance to connect to other people who are miles apart. It lets us create a new world to live in when the real world doesn’t treat us right. No, this blog isn’t about technology. This is just somehow related, I think.

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I know. Why do I keep blogging if no one reads my blogs? It’s fine if I don’t have someone reading because this is just mainly my “Coming Out Place” where I feel free to write anything I want without anyone knowing it’s actually me. 🙂

Moving on. .. .

I read books when I’m in the mood. When I do, I feel like I’m the main character. If not the main character, maybe someone who I can really relate to.  Continue reading

There Goes My Chance

Hi guys! So technically, this will be my second blog. It’s about something that bothered me for so long but was never known by anyone(not even my best friends Sweet and Sour). I guess now, someone will know(if someone actually reads this).

Have you ever regretted a decision you made in the past? I know most of you did. I, too have many regrets but his one was one of the most regretful moments in my life. I feel like if I did the opposite act, would my life still be the same as of today? Continue reading

We change friends like we change clothes

Hi guys! This will be my very first blog. I was actually inspired to start a blog by a book entitled “Girl Online” written by Zoe Sugg. Hope you like its content. I will be blogging about random things that happened in my life. 🙂

Moving on to my blog. . .

When I was just a little girl, I used to have dozens of skirts in my tiny closet. They come of course in different colors and designs but my favorite one was a light pink skirt that  reached an inch above my knee. I would wear it three times a week! My mum would get frustrated trying to wash it overnight(Sorry mum). But then eventually I grew older and BIGGER. That skirt didn’t fit me anymore. Continue reading